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Virginiaís 2017 Governor Race: Will your vote count for the babies?

Pro-life Gillespie narrowly ahead in Va. Gubernatorial contest in latest Monmouth poll

Virginiaís 2017 Governorís Race: A Test of ďSwing-State PoliticsĒ?

National Right to Life Congratulates Pro-life Karen Handel for Victory in Georgiaís Bellwether Election

Itís Over, Itís Over, Itís Over What Hillary Clintonís defeat means for unborn babies

Pro-Life Rep. Paul Ryan Re-elected Speaker of the House Pro-life work in 2016 elections paying dividends for unborn babies

2016 Election Overview: NRLC triumphant against radical pro-abortion movement

Trump-Pence reaffirm commitment to appointing strict constructionists to Supreme Court, defending Hyde Amendment, and protecting religious liberty.

Amazing but true: many people still donít know how pro-abortion Hillary Clinton is and why pro-lifers support Donald Trump

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